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No info at OLAM

No info at OLAM

For two days now when i log into OLAM, there is no tab/button to check online usage. The is a heading for group usage, but NO button to click on.

What's up. Anyone else have this problem. I have logged out and on several times, but get the same screen after logging in, with NO button.

The more they "UPGRADE" the website, the worse it gets.

You would think a multi billion dollar company could hire a High School kid who could set up their website.

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Re: No info at OLAM

It appears this is a problem with Internet Explorer. I am able to see the call detail and data usage for all lines in Firefox and Chrome.

The have made the details for each line more difficult to check. Why do companies think they have to fix what is not broken?

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Re: No info at OLAM

I'm having the same problem... but in Firefox.


Even worse, they seem to have lost my billing information and Autopay settings. I logged in today, 2 days after my bill was due, to see that no autopay payment has been made and that my account was overdue.


I went to pay the bill, and the existing credit card for that account no longer existed and I had to re-add it.

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Re: No info at OLAM

Sadly, they can't just leave well enough alone.  Your account gets hit with a late payment and somehow they think it is your fault.

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Re: No info at OLAM

Are you still experiencing this issue? I logged in with Chrome, IE and Firefox this morning and was able to see my usage in all three browsers. 


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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Re: No info at OLAM

Guess someone got around to finishing the coding. Seems to work ok now in IE, FireFox, and Chrome for me.

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