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Locked out of account


Locked out of account

I can’t log into my account. I’ve reset the password and passcodes and all i get is the same message. We locked your account because of to many failed attempts to log in. Support couldn’t help they just kept sending me password resets which do no good because I’m locked out. I can’t make them understand that.

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‎01-11-2019 8:15 AM

Re: Locked out of account

Hi, @Gregster1,


We'd love to help with this! An account is usually unlocked after 24 hours when it has been locked after too many attempts to sign in. Try to sign in again now. We have an FAQ on troubleshooting tips for signing into your account. Let us know if it helps.

Have a great week!

James, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Locked out of account

 if we are paying for the service why WHY don't we have technical assistance to unlock with verification? WHY do we have to wait 24 hrs. I have missed my shows and am not NOT going to be compensated.

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Re: Locked out of account

It was SUPER easy to sign up for this forum BUT NO help with my Direct Tv Now or AT&T account access.


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Re: Locked out of account

That a confirmed account owner can not regain access for 24 hours is terrible customer service. I wonder if the ATT CEO would have to wait 24 hours? The heck he would.

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Re: Locked out of account

How do I access my email with a 24 hour suspension? I need to get into my e-mails, can not wait 24 hours. Lock out for too many log in attempts  forgot password. Password changed since then but still under 24 hour wait. How do I get account activated?



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Re: Locked out of account

Wait for 24 hours and try again, because of many attempts your account will be permanent closed. So wait and try again.

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Re: Locked out of account

The 24-hour things is false. "Permanent closed" is about right. My account has been locked for over a week and there is no contact information to be found to get help unlocking it. This isn't a free service and I pay my bill on time, and have been a customer for over 20 years. Why so cheap on the support?

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