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GoPhone account management web site


GoPhone account management web site

Recently AT&T changed the account management web site for the GoPhone. The new format is a lot easier to read and looks great. However, when I close my browser, the site does not log me out and my password is saved in the password field. Next time I open my browser, I can log in without re-entering my password. Note: I do not have my broswer set to remember passwords on ANY site!


Prior to the redesign, I had to re-enter my password every time I returned to the AT&T site.This is a security concern and it seems like a vulnerability. Anyone else notice this new behavior?

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Re: GoPhone account management web site


Hi @Catbird9 Thank you for posting.


I can't test this unfortunately because I don't have a Go Phone, but I recommend trying clearing your cache and cookies, and then see if your password is still saved.


What web browser do you use? For example in Firefox you can go to Options - Security - Saved Passwords and remove them from there. I'm sure other browsers have a similar option.


Then try logging in, make sure no prompts pop up asking you to save the password, and if it does, tell it not to save it of course.


Let us know if you're still having issues after that.


Thank you,


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Re: GoPhone account management web site

I use Firefox.


I cleared the cache and cookies. There were no saved passwords in Security - Options - Saved Passwords. I logged out of GoPhone account management (, then closed and reopened Firefox and returned to the GoPhone account management site.  My 10-digit wireless number and password (displayed as four stars, as usual) were still there. I just hit the blue login button and logged in.


This is very odd because it seems to me that clearing the cache and cookies should remove that information from the form. It does not in this case.


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