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GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software


GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

The GoPhone account managment (on the web) has switch to new MyAT&T Application software.  Where did all the account management features go that were available under the old software?


When looking at History now I have to pick from Voice, Data, Refills etc.  What happened to the "ALL" option, now I can only look at things individually.


Secondly, when I do pick a category, say Messaging, it shows a date and time and the type of SMS:


SMS Originating
07/30/14 at 12:40:22 PM CDT

I can't even see the number here that it went to!  If I want to see the detail I have to click to expand it.  What happened to the detail report that was available under the old software?  You can only have one line expanded at a time on the new report.


So now if I have 500 texts I am trying to see got sent when/where I have to individually click 500 times to view the info I want to see.  Under the old software I just said run the detail report and all the information was right there for me.


Please bring back the old functionality.



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Re: GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

Ditto that!  Also, I can't print the results.  Even trying to print the screen shot doesn't work.  I need to print ALL detail daily so I can get reimbursed for business expense using my personal GoPhone.  


Please  bring back all the functionality that the previous version had.

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Re: GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

They have also changed the way your login information is saved. Before, you had to re-enter your password every time. Now, if you navigate away from the page or close your browser, your login information stays on the page. When you return to the page, days later, your login ID and password are still there, just click the button and you're logged in. (I do not have browser set to remember passwords, so that is not the problem.) This seems like a security flaw.

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Re: GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

The new layout is nicer but without bringing back the old functionality then this is a downgrade.  Why is there no response from ATT?  Are you going to fix this?

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What happened with the gofone website info???

What happened to the gophone account site???
Went there to input a refill card and it has become an extremely minimal site.

The call records are missing.

Previous money input via a refill card are no longer available on the website.


What's going on? Is this a temporary glitch?
Or is this one of those reductions in service that at&t can't even be bothered
to tell its customer about. How can I get this information (forget calling - not

really interested in waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting only to be told
that information is not available.)



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Re: GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

Echo that. The call history display is really awful compared to the old way. This is definitely a step in the wrong direction. I get the feeling they don't really want to make it easy for us to track usage. They do, however, make it easy for you to give them your money. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: GoPhone Account Management - MyAT&T software

Come on ATT, where is your response? At least add a download option so we can look at them in excel or something.

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GoPhone Online Account - Separate Data/Messaging

On the GoPhone online account access, under Account History, you can get a history of Data and Messaging.


Since Data and Messaging are charged separately, it would be helpful if you could have a separate History Type for each.

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GoPhone Account Website

Can anybody tell me if there is any plan to fix either of the following:


1. Current gophone account website does not allow me to add message packages to any of my three go phones.


2. Current go phone software auto-renew function for message package renewal does not work.  It cancels itself on the day of renewal and then all messages that were to be rolled over are lost.  This has happened multiple months in a row now.  


I call up each month (three times -- one for each phone) and after a conversation with the customer service rep, they are able to make amends.  But it doesn't seem like anyone is really able to fix the software that is causing these problems.  There is not link to web site technical support so I'm not even sure if anybody on the software team knows this is a huge problem.


Thank you.

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