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Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?


Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

I've heard talk about how ATT is "working on their network coverage" and plans to provide 3G service in Northeast MI "in the coming months".  Well, now that another 2 year contract has expired, I'm seriously wondering if I would be better off jumping to Verizon.  The EDGE data network up here if virtually useless.  5 full bars, yet extremely poor data transfer.  


Can anyone provide an HONEST answer as to when this coverage is planned to be upgraded???  Verizon has had 3G for quite a long while up here...

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

The new LTE Tower at Sherman Park is live now in Sault Ste Marie. The area west of I75 is now covered.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Cool.  I ported my personal line to T-Mobile though ... my work line is AT&T.

Any word on Drummond Island ?

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