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Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?


Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

I've heard talk about how ATT is "working on their network coverage" and plans to provide 3G service in Northeast MI "in the coming months".  Well, now that another 2 year contract has expired, I'm seriously wondering if I would be better off jumping to Verizon.  The EDGE data network up here if virtually useless.  5 full bars, yet extremely poor data transfer.  


Can anyone provide an HONEST answer as to when this coverage is planned to be upgraded???  Verizon has had 3G for quite a long while up here...

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Really? cool!
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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Shortly after midnight, AT&T lit up LTE here in the Romeo/Almont area. With all the upgrades this last few months all over Michigan......Kudos to AT&T!!
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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

NE Lower MI Update:


Took a ride by the tower in Lovells, MI this afternoon. AT&T has installed broadband panels on this site which is one of the last sites in NE MI that is EDGE only. Sitting within a few hundred yards of the tower, my device held 1-2 bars of "4G" which it never did before at this exact spot as it always would revert to 5 bars of "E". Givin that there is no UMTS/HSPA+ in Lovells on the coverage map, I would say AT&T is possibly testing this site and will fire up 3G/4G earlier than the target date of March 2014 I stated in an earlier post. Awesome!



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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

GREAT news for northern MI.  According to the FCC Spectrum Dashboard, it appears AT&T now has the paired 700 MHz spectrum to launch LTE in pretty much ALL of northern Michigan including the U.P.!!  




EDIT: There are some counties in northwest lower MI which appear to not have paired 700.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

AT&T will have active LTE in many areas of northern Michigan by December 13, 2013. It will be a 5Mhz X 5Mhz (5X5) LTE network running on the 700Mhz Lower B Band. AT&T is also in the process of rebanding the CenturyTel 700Mhz Lower A Band for LTE in northern Michigan as well. The 700Mhz Lower B Band includes 90% of all counties in the northern lower area (excluding a few in NW MI) and also will be launching in the U.P. 


These are exciting times for AT&T customers, if your handset is LTE capable, keep your eyes peeled for the 'LTE' symbol next Friday, the 13th. 

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Did they "shut off" Edge or is the coverage map just wonky right now?

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G? they didn't. Their mapping is a bit wonky right now as the coverage that is appearing under "voice" are the sites with UMTS/HSPA+. If you zoom in on a given location, the areas of GSM/EDGE will appear. I laughed when I seen that because I thought they were showing Verizon's coverage by mistakeSmiley Happy
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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Haha I didn't think it would be possible but you never do know with them.  It would give them another marketing ploy of "the only all "4g" network"...

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Wow this is some big news. Surprising to hear since I checked the lathrop tower last week and there wasn't any change.
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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

I hope Pickford tower will be getting 4G LTE. Not seeing any activity, but there is hope. I'm assuming it's a CenturyTel tower since that is the big phone company around here. Maybe I'm wrong.

The big roll of wire is still on the pole from last summer.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

American Ninja:


They haven't installed the broadband panels yet? I was told that tower should have been lit up by the end of November. There must be an unforseen problem or shortage of work crews.




There is an Antenna registered to New Cingular Wireless/ AT&T Mobility ( 260 ft. in height)  just south of Pickford so it is a bonified AT&T site. There is another tower registered to Global Tower LLC which was formerly owned by Dobson but I don't think AT&T is using that one currently.


As far as your area getting LTE....not to worry as you will be getting it there. In fact, as per the Spectrum Dashboard.....Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac Counties currently have more 700 MHz spectrum (24 MHz) then many of the other counties in the U.P. and L.P.Smiley Happy

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

Lewyman- They may have ran into problems. I know months ago i talked to multiple ATT reps regarding LTE in midland, MI. They told me for  the longest time by the end of November. I just spoke to them this week and they said the earlier Start of construction date would be End of December and probably not the latest until March.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

I checked out the tower today and there is progress being made, there were two guys up on the tower working on it. Another good thing is Im getting a constant 4G signal on my phone anywhere from 1-3 bars when driving around my area. It's not coming from the Lathrop tower since they are working on it today so ATT must have put up a new tower somewhere.


ATT wireless coverage map is messed up. It's saying my area now has no voice or data coverage. lol


I was in Wisconsin last week and something I noticed they are doing is, they are putting putting the broadband panel antennas on most of the cities water towers, they had them on the top or the middle of them. I wish they would do that up here. That would help get better coverage in some of the more rural areas around here.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?



That may very well be the case and unfortunately AT&T keeps a pretty tight lid on their LTE deployment and fiber backhaul information. With Midland being along 10 and so close to Mt Pleasant and Saginaw/Bay City, I am guessing they will have LTE service there before March of 2014. With AT&T still stating they will have LTE running on every site by the end of 2014, they know they have a lot of ground to cover and I bet they will start lighting up most areas of southern MI and in northern MI as well.


I have been keeping a close eye on Sensorly because I expect to start seeing LTE pop up in NW and NE lower MI along with the Houghton/Hancock area which had 3G/HSPA+ for a long time. It is going to be interesting and excitingSmiley Happy


American Ninja


If crews were up installing panels a few days ago then don't be surprised to see the Lathrop tower get lit up sometime this coming week, or possibly on sooner. Once they swoop in, they move fast to get the site fired up. AT&T does infact install antennas on water towers and other structures. I agree, they need to start sprucing up their cell site density to fill in areas of shotty coverage which means adding more sites.

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Re: Will Northeast MI ever receive 3G?

hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it extends to the entire area here in Iron Mountain/Kingsford.


Was at the pediatric clinic at the hospital with my daughter the other day and had HSPA+ throughout. Got away from the hospital and back to edge.

Other side of town back to the soccer field where I first had HSPA+ in the summer, it's back again. then back to edge.


Just received an offer for U-verse internet yesterday. Was the first u-verse piece of mail we've gotten.


Said "hello friend in Iron Mountain" or something similar. So maybe we won't have Gilligan's Island bamboo bike professor coconut connectivity much longer.



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