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Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7, which was unlocked from the T-Mobile network. I took it in to my local store and they added the nano SIM and such. The phone worked great except I didn't get LTE and my voicemail wouldn't work. I chatted in and we got the voicemail fixed, but I'm still unable to get LTE. The chat rep said that my phone might just not get LTE.


I had an S3 previously, which had LTE basically everywhere. I did a Speedtest.net check with my new S7, compared to my boyfriend's old S3, and he gets better speeds than I do. The only difference is that my phone is newer and my phone is an unlocked T-Mobile phone.


I have read online that this may be something to do with "HSPA" being my mobile type, compared to "HSPA+." When I asked the chat rep, he didn't really acknowledge this. 


Does anyone have any experience with unlocked T-Mobile S7s being used on the AT&T network? Is it normal for me to not have LTE when I had it previously with my old phone in the exact same place, and the people around me have LTE? Do you have any suggestions about settings I can change or things I can do to somehow fix this, beyond buying an AT&T branded phone to replace it with (not an option)? 



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Re: Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

It should work fine.  Try programming APN settings.  https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/wireless/KM1062162


@GLIMMERMAN76 may have other suggestions. 



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Re: Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

Thanks! I have tried programming it a few times and no dice. Here's the situation:


When I went to the AT&T store, they programmed the APN for me and the Name/APN is ATT Phone/phone. When I change it to ATT Nextgenphone/nxtgenphone, it takes away all of my signal. I have bars, but I don't have any actual reception and I can't make or receive calls, texts, or go online. I just tried it again, and it does the same thing. Once I switch it back to ATT Phone/phone, I get signal and it says 4G again, but still no LTE. The speedtest remains disappointing. 


Could it be an issue with the SIM card or something of the sort? I'm really at a loss. It wouldn't be a huge burden, but I live in a place where the signal isn't always the best, so the LTE really helps. Thanks for your help! 

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Re: Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

I experienced this issue myself with a T-Mobile unlocked Galaxy Note 5. The reason LTE isn't showing up is because the phones IMEI isn't recognized by AT&T's systems. What I did was play around with the APN. I forgot which I used since I now use an iPhone but I believe it was an older LTE APN (the one prior to Nextgen). The phone did take a while (like a day) before it showed LTE service but it did eventually show.
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Re: Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

Thanks! In my case, it was two things (yes, I'm happy to say that I now have full LTE!!) and one of them related to what your issue was.


The first issue is that when I went to the AT&T store two days ago, they didn't give me a nano SIM. They took a regular SIM card and cut it down to fit like a nano. I don't know why they did this, and I didn't realize this until I was chatting with AT&T today and they asked me to look at my SIM for the number on it. I realized that something was amiss when not only was there no number on the card, but it was really rough around the edges and had half of an AT&T logo on it (didn't look like a complete card).


I went to a different AT&T store this morning and the manager seemed to think I was being ridiculous, and that it was really just a matter of the phone not picking up LTE because it's a T-Mo phone. However, after looking at the SIM, he conceded that yes, this card WAS cut. They put in a real nano SIM, and the problem persisted. The agent that was helping me made sure that the APN settings were correct, which they were. Then he went on my account and realized that the phone's IMEI, as you said, wasn't being recognized by the system as an LTE phone. He went into the IMEI on my account and basically put in the IMEI from HIS AT&T branded S7, plus one additional number at the end. He saved it, restarted the phone, and bam! LTE. I did a speed test, and I went from 1-2Mbps download to over 30Mbps download. It's amazing.


So for anyone else who may have this problem, make sure that your SIM card is actually a nano SIM and not a cut SIM, and have the agent mess with the IMEI number on your account. A frustrating issue, now fixed! Smiley Happy Thanks everyone for your help.

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Re: Unlocked T-Mobile S7 phone not getting LTE

Your exactly right its AT&Ts servers. problem I have the same issue with a T-Mobile Samsung Note 4.  they replaced the IMIE # with one I had in an old AT&T 4G LTE Go Phone. that worked for about a year now its back again. 4G but no LTE.

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