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Thinking of switching to att


Thinking of switching to att

I'm currently a Verizon customer and my contract is up, so I've been thinking of trying ATT. For those that may have made the switch from Verizon to ATT, how do you like ATT compared to Verizon? Also, I'm in Jacksonville, FL and would like to know what the coverage is like for this area.

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Re: Thinking of switching to att

I'm not from the area but when I visited I had pretty good service. I also went to the orange park area and the service was pretty good with no major issues. I didn't have an lte phone at that time but overall coverage worked where I needed it.
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Re: Thinking of switching to att

Thanks...your post is very helpful
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Re: Thinking of switching to att

I would try AT&T out to see how it does for you. I think they still give you 30 days (or at least 14 days) to cancel without a termination fee.

The main prob I had in the areas I visited was the traffic on blanding blvd. it was horrendous during rush hour.
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Re: Thinking of switching to att

I would find someone who has a phone in your area and get the unvarnished truth. I have found that they coverage they report and the coverage you get are two different things.

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Re: Thinking of switching to att

I'm glad to hear you're thinking about joining AT&T. 


I agree with the other folks in this thread, it's a great idea to make sure you'll have the coverage you need. You can start right here by looking at the coverage viewer:


Please let us know if you have any questions about AT&T! We're here to help! Smiley Very Happy


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