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Spotty coverage


Spotty coverage



I have been with at&t since the Cingular days and I have no problem with at&t mobility. They seem to have the best coverage in Oklahoma. 


Lately, i have been going to the eastern part of Oklahoma around the very northern part of Grand Lake. And the map coverage says on at&t that there is LTE/H+ out there. I struggle to get any signal around my friends house. There is a creek called neosho-river where my phone struggles to get LTE/H+/EDGE and I am out there often. The closet tower is US cellular and Verizon. There are no at&t tower in that area. My friend lives in area where a micro cell will not work because you cannot get any type of DSL/Cable internet out there. And Satellite internet is not a viable choice where they live due to the trees around them. Verizon works great out there (Extended 3g)  and so does US celular. Is it possible that at&t can reposition one of their transmitters to point more in the direction of this bad area? 


Also i have looked at all the FCC registered Celluar towers in that area and there are no at&t cell tower around  Miami Oklahoma. The only thing I can think of is at&t uses SBA cell towers because I get really good coverage when i am around those tower. And the closet SBA tower is south on I-44 from there location. Does anybody have any ideas on what to do? 


I also have downloaded the Mark my location app from at&t and i did some markings around there area. 




Thanks, Smiley Happy 


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Re: Spotty coverage

Hello, ato-1141!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the coverage issues you're experiencing in that particular area. If you've already downloaded the "Mark the Spot" app and sent us the coordinates, then a report has already been filed for that location.


If your friend also has AT&T, you can let him or her know to download the app and submit additional reports. The app should show you any updates for that area, too, so keep checking back for any news.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Spotty coverage



Are you not going to raise a ticket to the field techs to go out there and investigate? Thats what i pay you guys to do. To make a better network. Please raise a ticket to the field tech and have them investigate.

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Re: Spotty coverage

Hey @ato-1141 


That's what the Mark the Spot app does, it let's AT&T know an exact area where the issue is, a ticket is then created and investigation / troubleshooting starts.




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Re: Spotty coverage

Thanks for your response. I did this and hope to see improvements in the future.

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