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Slow LTE speed


Slow LTE speed

My AT&T Unlimited data plan is providing very, very slow LTE data speeds.


I've checked all the normal things. I'm not being throttled. This is regardless of my location. So it isn't isolated to any particular cell tower.


The best LTE speed I'm seeing is 3 Mbps.


Initially, I thought it might be my hardware. I had been using an iPhone 6 plus. So I upgraded to the iPhone Xs Max and I'm seeing the same thing.


As it stands, if this doesn't clear up, I plan on signing up to a Verizon pre-paid plan using the eSIM. If they're not showing these super slow speeds, I'll move all three of my phones lines over.


But I've been with AT&T for over 10 years and I'd really like them to resolve the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Slow LTE speed

Hi, @bobweston,


In most cases, when your device is slower than expected, simply place it in Airplane Mode briefly or power it down for thirty seconds before turning it back on again. This will force your phone to reconnect with a stronger, closer signal. While this followed you across devices, please try it anyway to see if it helps, even a little.


You might want to use the AT&T Mark the Spot app. This is a good way to report slow speeds, wireless deadzones, and areas prone to dropped calls. Even if the cause is too much pull on the local towers, reporting through the app will deliver the message that your local wireless infrastructure needs to be investigated.


We hope you're having a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: Slow LTE speed

I have the SAME problem. iPhone XS Max with one bar and always LTE never 4G. The AT&T to told me that LTE is faster than 4G but there's not been Mr experience.  Did you get your issue resolved?

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Re: Slow LTE speed

This is my same issue as well - no matter where I’m at in NYC I can’t get speeds above 3mb/s using speedtest.net. I talked to several at&t representatives only to be given the same scripted responses over and over again. I was told it was most likely my phone but I refuse to shell out $1000+ for a new iPhone when I Know for certain it’s at&t network. I have had the $65 unlimited plan now for 3 months and I have never gotten such Bad cellular service ever even from Sprint and they truly are the worse! What happened to at&t - where’s the service quality?? Can someone please come up with a solution to the crawling LTE data speeds? Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Slow LTE speed

You get what you pay for.  The 65 dollar plan has limits.

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Re: Slow LTE speed

Yes and the limits are after you use up your allocated 22gb’s of LTE then you get throttled, I never have crossed 10 so what gives?
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Re: Slow LTE speed

Don’t let them try to fool you into buying a new phone. I have the newest iPhone XS Max and I’m having the exact same problems you’re having. And I have that new unlimited plus premium whatever it’s called plan. It’s something wrong with the network, the phones or it’s a combination of the two. Either way I think it’s time for a carrier and phone switch

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