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Okay I've been with at&t gophone for a long time & never really had any trouble with my phone's service. I live in Kentucky so coverage isn't the best but it's alright.. lately though I can't get service anywhere in my home or places that I always have. My boyfriend is having the same issues, he lives with me& has the same gophone plan ($45). We can't get on the web, make calls (if we do it disconnects us from the other person a million times), takes forever to send a text message& most important I never recieve calls that I should have until the voicemail decides to pop up. I pay almost $50 a month for my services, I've been a long time customer but I may have no choice but to switch to a more reliable company. It's not worth all this trouble & not getting what I pay for!! I don't know what had happened but the tower/s around here SUCK even for the hills of Kentucky. I guess country people don't have a social life or aren't up to date on current technology because any big city im in I get full service but once I'm here my home I get NO SERVICE or EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY constantly!! I have no house phone either so my way of communication is solely through you guys AT&T. I'm sorry for this but I've lost my patience. Please help me with this issue ( if you can reach me, since I've been writing this ive had no service) :-[
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‎01-03-2018 8:58 AM

Re: Service

Hello @Msjessiemarie88,

No signal can be a pain, especially when you have had service in the past!  We can go over some important details to help you discover a resolution!

If there are no towers down in your area, some other things which may cause this are tall trees and buildings, structure materials, population growth, construction, and weather.  If any of these are currently going on in your area, these may be contributing to the issue.  I do recommend downloading Mark the Spot app which will allow you to provide feedback and statistics based on your local network to our network operations team.  You are able to see your coverage here.

There are some self-service troubleshooting steps to try as well.  Please feel free to visit our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool.  Here, you choose your Phone Manufacturer > then choose your Device > under Service/network issues, please choose Phone Calls.  Here, you can follow a troubleshooting flow to determine the best resolution for your device! 

Some other helpful tips is you can get a new SIM card from an AT&T corporate store to try.  Most smartphones are capable of Wi-Fi calling which is a benefit to obtain 5 bar quality signal while connected to Wi-Fi!  You can troubleshoot can’t make or receive calls.  Please also visit this link for information about dropped calls and network issues. 

If you need any further help, please feel free to contact us back.  Have a great day!

Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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