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Poor service since I moved to my new address


Poor service since I moved to my new address

I have recently moved to a new address and my service is poor at best I was told there is a device to boost my signal. So I went to my local ATT store and inquired about it and was told it would cost 200.00 wow 200 bucks to boost my signal I am already paying for told the  guy I would have to think about it. 

         So today I chatted with a rep online and She told me the price of the device has dropped to 149.00. its a big drop in price but then she also told me you have to be in direct line for it to be efecttive and what the point Its not going to help me upstairs or downstairs so whats the point .


I have been a good customer of ATT for a long time and my account has always been paid on time 

I have purchased a samsung tablett gallaxey 4 10.1 and I have a Note 3 I have spent a lot of money with ATT and there is nothing can be done for me. In this day and age of electronics i find it a little hard to believe. My girlfriend has Version and has great service cant really switch with my plan and current upgrade but it is definatly a thought for the furture


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Re: Poor service since I moved to my new address


Hello @revtomaxx 


I apologize for any confusion. I don't believe the information you got was correct. A Microcell has a wide range and it transmits in all directions, so it should normally cover an entire house. A range is approximately 40 feet in every direction, horizontal and vertical.


I hope this helps.




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Re: Poor service since I moved to my new address

I just bought one today and I have 5 bars works fantastic still a little
frustrated that I had to pay more just to get reception but it does work
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