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Poor Coverage in Belmont, NC


Poor Coverage in Belmont, NC

I was excited when AT&T rolled out LTE coverage in Charlotte and surrounding areas, but I'm finding AT&T coverage to be horrible in Belmont, NC.  I work here most days now and even outdoor coverage is very poor with repeated dropped calls and having the person on the other side say "can your repeat that, you cut out for a few seconds."


And while LTE is available for miles all around, I usually can only get "4G" coverage on my iPhone 5 while in downtown Belmont.


Here's hoping another cell tower is added for this dead spot.

35.24351569, -81.037773

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Re: Poor Coverage in Belmont, NC



I have a link below called "Mark the Spot," please download to your phone and use it whenever you experience coverage issues with AT&T.


AT&T Mark the Spot




Thank you for your time,


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