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Poor Att Cell Coverage


Poor Att Cell Coverage

I am with the Facilities group in a large office building in Sterling Heights Michigan We are experiencing very poor reception/coverage on Att mobile devices in various spots throughout the building. Other carriers work fine. We had a company install a passive DAS system that improved the other carriers coverage but the Att users are still experiencing no signal or dropped and missed calls. I have personally been next to an Att user who could not place or receive a cal while I had no issue. I must get this resolved. Please provide a way to contact a person that can assist with this issue. It is affecting out business in a negative way. We are a major international corporation and need good service throughout our facilitiy.

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‎07-01-2019 3:52 PM

Re: Poor Att Cell Coverage

Hi @BearTank,


Thank you for reaching out to us! We'd love to help. The towers in your area are in good standing. It's possible that the building/complex may be causing service interference with the network. Please have the individuals experiencing this issue use our Mark the Spot, which allows you to report network issues. Having multiple people report the issue will bring more attention to it. Let us know if we can assist you with anything else!


Collin, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Poor Att Cell Coverage

I’m receiving horrible cell coverage since upgrading from iPhone 6plus to the iPhone XR. Always issues connecting through CarPlay to phone or messages and continuously have issues sending text messages. NEVER had this problem with old phone and I live and work in same area. No excuses for this frustration. 

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Re: Poor Att Cell Coverage

ATTcares??? I'm sorry, but they DO NOT care!  I have called and complained (very politely but firmly) countless times with no help from AT&T!  We have been with AT&T for as long as cell service has been offered to the public (remember bag phones? we still have ours) and have lived here for over 30 years.  We live in a rural area and needed to be able to make calls to doctors, etc., many of whom are in the metroplex, which was long distance with our landline.  Our service had gotten so good with our cell service that we even did away with our landline several years ago, as did many of our friends and neighbors.  We used to have full bars throughout most of our house but now we are lucky if we get 2 bars here and there.  Much of the house gets no service.  This is a major problem as we are now in our 60's and we need to have reliable phone service in case of an emergency.  Most all of our neighbors are in the same boat.  Last Saturday, one of our neighbors tried to call me for help when her husband had a stroke while on his riding mower, but she couldn't reach me!!!  She was barely able to get through to 911 (they told her to try to get someone to help her) and she couldn't leave him to run around trying to get a signal!  Another neighbor is 81 and has medical issues and her reception is even worse than ours.  This is UNACCEPTABLE, especially in this day and age!  Our service should be getting better, not worse!  And what has AT&T said about all of this?  Only that since other carriers are now able to use their tower that it is very congested and that is why our signal strength has diminished over the years.  And when I asked if they planned to put another tower in closer to us or do something to improve the coverage, they said that there were no plans for doing anything to help.  Yeah, AT&T really cares (not)!!  My husband and grandson have switched to Straight Talk and I really think they have better service than I do, and we are paying less than 1/2 for that than we were when they were on AT&T.  If AT&T wants to keep long standing customers like us, then they will have to a much better job than they are doing now.  I'm recommending that all of our neighbors switch to Straight Talk also so that they can at least pay a whole lot less for poor service.

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