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New Cell Tower


New Cell Tower

How do you find out when Att plans on turning on a cell tower? We had one built near us back in July there is still no coverage in my area?
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Re: New Cell Tower

Hello Smorris21,


I'm very sorry that you're experiencing poor network coverage in your area. I completely understand your frustration and want to thank you for your patience. AT&T's top priority is delivering the best network to as many customers as possible. You can also download and install our free Mark the Spot app to let AT&T know where network improvements are needed.


Learn more about it here: Report dropped calls and wireless network issues.





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Re: New Cell Tower

The tower was finally activated about 2 weeks ago! We are in a LTE make but the tower isn't giving out any lte signal? Wouldn't they turn everything on at the same time?
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Re: New Cell Tower

Hi Smorris21,


Not all AT&T towers have been upgraded to work wtih LTE. Many times local regulations and other factors may delay a particular tower from broadcasting LTE. In my local area in particular, one of the negiborhoods has historical homes and must be cleared by local housing board before anything is set up for public use - including a cell tower.




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Re: New Cell Tower

Our town, is not near any major interstates like allot of small towns in Texas that get to enjoy LTE signal. But, we are on  US highway 84 and the only place to find a Walmart inside 15 minutes in either direction. Allot of out lying towns residents drive into Mexia to shop or get their car oil changed or do whatever they cannot do in there smaller towns. So, how come our ATT coverage here is absolute CRAP? I get maybe 2-3 bars of 4G, most of the time is 2 bars of E (edge) network.  No internet to speak of and allot of just DEAD areas.  We seriously need a Tower in Mexia, Texas. It would be nice if it would broadcast LTE.


You have lost allot of customers to Verizon for that very reason, but their signal isn't any better. 

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Re: New Cell Tower

The problem with using Mark the Spot is that I can't connect to the app store....or anything else....from this SPOT. Frustrating.
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Re: New Cell Tower

mlawhon9 wrote:
The problem with using Mark the Spot is that I can't connect to the app store....or anything else....from this SPOT. Frustrating.

I have a similar issue, but I can use Mark the Spot at that spot, then a little further away, wher eI can get service, I can validate the location, and submit the report to AT&T.  I have done this a few times for poor data coverage near my current work location.

Jerry B.


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