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Network coverage in Chanhassen MN


Network coverage in Chanhassen MN

Are you planning to increase the signal strength in Chanhassen, MN? I get one bar in the office and one bar at home. But if I walk around that can easily drop to no bars. This city is part of the greater Minneapolis St Paul area with around 3 million people. Yet, when I go to Bayfield WI, a town of 500, I get 4 bars. And when I got to Duluth, MN, a city of 90,000, I get four bars. Would like to see the our major metropolitan area get as good network coverage as these smaller cities. Am seriously considering buying a signal booster. Does ATT recommend any particular brand?

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Re: Network coverage in Chanhassen MN


Hello @DreamU 


I'm very sorry to hear about your coverage issues. Are other AT&T users experiencing the same issues in your area? AT&T offers its own service "booster" (it's not exactly that, it doesn't boost signal, it creates a personal cellular network for you to use at home).


You can learn more about it here.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: Network coverage in Chanhassen MN

Thanks, that 3G Microcell looks great. The guys at ATT Chat Support said it would work with my prepaid account but the guys at the ATT Store say it won't. No matter, I can switch from prepaid to postpaid. I will just have to check tomorrow and see if the Network manager at work allows those UDP protocols before buying one.


In answer to your question, yes, several people at work have issues (with ATT coverage). One person with an iPhone has no coverage at all unless she walks to a window, yet her husband's iPhone has several bars a few aisles away. Another person 20 feet from me had no connectivity till he raised his hand over his head. 

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Re: Network coverage in Chanhassen MN

I submitted a request to use the 3G MicroCell at work but it appears unlikely IT will punch a hole in the firewall to allow the protocols.


I have implemented another solution: set my phone to 3G, for two reasons. FIrstly the signal is slightly strongly, about 10dbm. With LTE between -105 and -115 the phone was doing a fair amount of switching between LTE and 3G so this should help reduce battery use as well. (I am aware LTE is an average signal whereas 3G is the total power band so the increased 3G strength may actually be an illusion!) Secondly, I only use voice at work and even my Nexus 5 cannot do voice over LTE - it was falling back to 3G anyway.

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