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I have been a loyal customer since 1994.  Since I moved to Fort Myers, Florida the dropped calls have gone from bad to worse and as of six weeks ago I have little reception in my apt, AND the calls drop after 10 to 15 seconds.  After several calls to AT&T and talking to polite but unhelpful reps (obviously reading from a script) who promise that the tower is being worked on and have no timetable for a fix...I asked for a microcell or any other gadget so I can have service in my unit (not unreasonable for a paying customer).  The final answer from a manager is that they will provide one for $50.  In what universe should I have to give a company $50 more for a service for which I am already being charged and not receiving.  Yes, AT&T should have invested in more towers, but since they chose not to do so they should try to help customers who have NO service.  I guess loyalty does not pay, and unless they solve this issue and give me a FREE solution, I am going to Verizon when the contract expires in November.  I posted this message twice on the AT&T facebook page and it has been removed.  Hopefully, this will not happen in this forum.

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Hello, floridapaddler!


Thanks for posting. We would hate to see you go, so please click here to send us a private message and we can discuss alternatives.


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In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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I would appreciate help setting up the microcell.  Thank you

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Hello @floridapaddler 


One of our Forum's super users Otto Pylot has created an excellent Microcell Technical Guide that covers everything you might need to know, you can find it HERE, I highly recommend it. Also feel free to stop by our Microcell board if you have any additional questions and the Community will be happy to help.




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We have no coverage at our home (moved here almost 2 years ago) located in the country of Attica, Indiana.  AT&T map shows they cover our home address location.  5-6 miles up the road in the actual town of Attica AT&T is the utility company for home phone, cell, cable, and Internet.  Yet we have none of the above and have to have satellite for Internet service (in which AT&T microcell does not work with) so we bought and cell booster at $300 that does not require Internet for it to work.  We are lucky to have 2-3 service bars in the room where cell booster is located and still can not make/receive calls, use data (at which I still have unlimited data on my phone, a lot of good that is doing me), and if your real lucky you can send and receive text messages (only in the room cell booster is located of course).  I have been an AT&T customer for more years then I can even remember, I contacted AT&T Tech about this I was told only thing I could do is download Mark The Spot App, get my neighbors to do the same thing, there was nothing else they could do.  Well my son has a Samsung Galaxy phone can't find a Mark the Spot app for it.  The technician said we could down load this app from ANY phone or laptop, not the case.....iPhone, Blackberry, Android 4.0, and windows based phones only Mark the Spot app I can find.  Tried to go on line and (possibly) report no coverage, only thing I can find is "Down load Mark the Spot App" that is the only way to report this to AT&T?  Besides speaking to a Technician, which I also did!  The technician also stated he/she (Live chat---cause no phone service!) didn't see where AT&T was adding anymore towers or doing any kind of upgrades in our area at this time. Sooo, I'm paying close to $300 a month for 5 phone lines all of which HAVE to have data packages (smart phones) except 1 and we can't even use our phones to make/receive calls, use data we have to have and pay for, and when we are "lucky" can send/receive texts as long as we are in same room as cell booster, again $300 price tag on that is what I call convenience not to mention "customer support".  Now if we want to drive 5-6 miles in any direction of our home we'd have all the service we need! We may as well take that $300 and use it as toilet paper!!!  Thinking it maybe time to find a new provider, Oh here is the "kicker" about all this,  I originally contacted AT&T Live Chat because I received a text that my son (who lives at home)had used ALL his 300MG of data and AT&T had conveniently added another 300MG to his phone at $20!  Well my son works in Lafayette (plenty of service there) so I had been paying for Smart Limits specifically for the Smart Data limitation (to ensure my son did not go over his data package).  Well I go on line and log in to my AT&T account to see what is going on and find that the EXACT same day my son went over his data package was the EXACT same day AT&T "Retired" Smart Data from their Smart Limits and the EXACT same day of our new billing period began so AT&T basically is saying my son used his ENTIRE 300MB data package in ONE day, yet the previous billing period he had used a TOTAL, I repeat a TOTAL of 3MB for the entire month!!  Now anybody, anybody at all have a suggestion as to how that happened or is even possible?  When I told my son about it he he said "How? I have my data turned off on my phone", I don't know anything about the Galaxy so not sure if that is possible to turn it completely off or not, but he's under the impression he has it turned off and he did ONLY use 3MB of his 300MB package the month before.  So hey what is another $10 a month our bill is about $300 now, right? I upped his data package to 3GB!

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