MicroCell: Does anyone know the real answers?


MicroCell: Does anyone know the real answers?

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I've been dealing with AT&T, our recent phone upgrade and signal issues at home.  They've recommended I buy a "MicroCell", but I cannot get a consistent straight answer from AT&T about it.


I've posted a full explanation of my adventure with CC and the store at http://techblog.lizardslounge.org/archives/12


But the short question is - what should a MicroCell cost, how do I get it for the "promised" price instead of the price insisted on by the stores, and will it require a monthly fee?


Perhaps most importantly, will this thing actually cure our signal problem?


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Re: MicroCell: Does anyone know the real answers?



Every other pricing is promotional, here one day, gone the next, like a walmart sale.

You can wait for elusive 'special', but it may take a few months or a few years. No guarantees.

The microcell by itself doesn't require a fee. I saw an option plan where all calling via the microcell would be unlimited (assuming it wasn't already).

I saw another promotion at one time, where you get X back if you if you signed up for the $20 microcell at same time you got it.


So, unless you're trying to to complete the qualifications for a promotion, you don't need any plan, and the regulard $199 price is what you should expect unless you get lucky.


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