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LTE rollout -- finished?


LTE rollout -- finished?

Two years ago Verizon activated LTE in my market. I chose to stay with AT&T because I was told we weren't far behind here in Billings, Montana. We aren't a major marker, but we are a metro area of 160,000, with a potential service demographic of up to 500,000. So why the delay?? I just read that you have completed your rollout. Well if that's the case, guess where my next contract will be... I just came back home after a cross country trip and encountered many much smaller markets that were LTE. PLEASE give me a timeframe. My contract is coming due.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

@Gonpostal1971 - Great question! LTE deployment is on goi...

@Gonpostal1971 - Great question! LTE deployment is on going. You can see the planned coverage for 2014 here: http://www.att.com/network/en/mobile/index.html
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Re: @Gonpostal1971 - Great question! LTE deployment is on goi...

Where can we see your planned LTE upgrades for 2015?

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Re: @Gonpostal1971 - Great question! LTE deployment is on goi...

I see some areas of my city now that are displaying LTE on my phone, so progress is being made. The next question is: is our area being equiped with LTE advanced (next generation LTE or equivalent) or are we simply getting a delayed rollout of the early adopted technology? In other words, are we up to date?

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