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LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC


LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

Anybody have any insight into when LTE coverage could be coming to Myrtle Beach?


It was my understanding that a deal between HTC and AT&T was the cause for the delay. It wasn't untill this year that AT&T stores finally arrived to the area. Previously HTC was the only provider of AT&T service. Hopefully this means the deal has ended and we can finally join the pack...

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Re: LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

Through sources tied to an executive of Horry Telephone Cooperative, who I understand does not own the AT&T network in the county anymore, says a March/April timeframe. Halfway there as of now. Can't wait myself. Download speeds are 10mbps in some places in the middle of the night, but at the beach during the day and even in the winter struggles to get 1-2mbps download speed. Lets not talk about upload speed.

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Re: LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

Any new updates on the LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC?? Verizon has launced their XLTE locally and Sprint/T-Mobile have LTE coverage as well. Pretty disappointing... 

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Re: LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

A friend told me this morning he's now getting lte in myrtle beach, a little spotty since it needs to be tweaked but he confirmed its there now.
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Re: LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

I can confirm that I also just got LTE in myrtle beach, they also just opened a new att store on 544. First in myrtle beach!! No longer under the HTC stranglehold.


That is a speed test I took last night right by the coastal grand mall. Things are looking up!!
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Re: LTE coverage in Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks for sharing guys!



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