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How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"


How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

But it doesnt cover Ada, Oklahoma. at&t or Verizon they both have crappy service here but I prefer at&t and Verizon over any other company the sad thing is we have an at&t in town you need more towers
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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"


This is really not true. I do a lot of traveling and camping and I can tell you at&t has better coverage then Verizon where i go.. I was camping at Fort-Gibson and my friends has US-Cellular and they struggled with 1 bar. But my iPhone had HSPA+ and I was browsing web pages very fast and streaming music. One time I was out in the middle of the country where there were no highways anywhere close to my location. I got full bars out there and was on HSPA+ and was able to pull up information supper fast.
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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

I am in the same boat. I joined AT&T in January, purchasing an iPhone, on which I still owe $278. I have been so happy with AT&T and coverage until I moved 20 miles northeast. Now I have NO voice coverage at all at home. I spent approximately an hour on the phone (land line work phone or fiancee's cell with a different carrier) with a very nice and helpful Customer Service Rep. After doing all of the trouble shooting she could do, it came down to two options. 1) I purchase a "Micro Cell" which is like a mini-tower that connects to my wireless router in my home. For $149.99  OR I switch to another carrier. And with all of the "we'll pay your early termination fees" offers, it turns out they don't cover balance due on devices. So now I'm stuck with a phone that I can't use to make or receive calls at home, that I owe $278 on, OR I can pay another $150 so I can use the service I'm paying for. Needless to say I am NOT happy. Sure, I can put in a land line at home. Why not just buy an old rotary dial corded princess phone and an answering machine that holds cassette tapes to go with it? GRRRR! The CSR was very apologetic, actually said "I'm sorry you moved to an area with such weak signal" Really? I can't live in a beautiful, somewhat rural area AND have reliable cell service? Even in town, only 4 miles away, I still have no service. This is a town of 35,000 people. Not a one-light crossroad town. So I agree, 99% of America my eye!

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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

My suggestion is press them to give you a microcell.  I did then 6 months later they fixed the tower with LTE.  I went from 1 bar of servie to full bars

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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

Lies... Pure lies. I travel around the country on a regular basis and At&t service is abysmal everywhere except the largest cities. Huge geographic areas with no service at all, yet according to their coverage map should be working. They often blame my device, yet the people I travel with who also have At&t don't get a signal either. The addition of WiFi text messaging support would help drastically, but they don't seem to have a plan to implement that even though nearly every other mobile phone company has already done so at this point. I've been very patient with them, but it's been years now and still no improvement. So farwell At&t.
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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

We live in Casey County, KY out on [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.] which spans many miles of heavily wooded countryside. Not a single bar of signal to be found. And there are many people in this area that have to live off grid due to not being able to afford to get electric put in. So they are stuck without phone service in every way. And I can tell you. AT&T can put in a single tower in, which would change the lives of thousands of people in that area. What is AT&T's solution to this problem. Offering a dam microcell gadget that nobody can use. This company seriously has sunken to the bottom.

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Re: How is it that at&t "covers 99% of America"

OK, We have AT&T service. We moved to a remote location in Ragland, Alabama. I have almost no service or very little service at times. Verizon is a little better but not by much.

Both show the area map covered with 4G service. Both lye. So how do they keep getting by with the false ads.

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