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Horrible Service Area


Horrible Service Area

For several years, AT&at had great coverage in Ohio area code 43331. Last year (2018) the campground installed WiFi and ever since that installation, AT&T bars have dropped to one (sometimes none) and I cannot navigate much of anything at all- and definitely not able to stream any content. Did the towers get moved or is the WiFi in the campground somehow interfering? Thanks for helping me figure out why it’s so bad. 

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‎07-19-2019 9:59 AM

Re: Horrible Service Area

Hey there @Ninjawife614!


Our sources show no service interruption affecting your area. While it's technically impossible for Wi-Fi to interfere with cellular connection (both work on different frequencies) terrain, construction, high usage periods, and other factors may contribute to a sluggish network connection.


Use our Device Support tool to troubleshoot your device. At times, resetting the network settings or simply removing and reinserting the SIM card can resolve your experience.


If your issue persists despite the first step, feel free to talk and text via Wi-Fi Calling while using our Mark the Spot app to send reports of your network experience as well as find if there are reports of similar experiences in your area.


We hope this info helps.


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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