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Disappointed with Signal Strength


Disappointed with Signal Strength

I've had AT&T for 2 weeks, and so far my signal strength has been weak everywhere except a few spots. The coverage map shows 4GLTE availability, but I'm getting at most one bar, and most often I'm roaming.

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Re: Disappointed with Signal Strength

I've had AT&T for almost 7 years and the network has been great until January of 2014.  I received a Nexus 5 for Christmas and the data has been bad ever since.  So for the past 6 months I've been continually running data tests from my Nexus 5 and I can't even get more that .50 Mbps of data, on a good day I get 1Mbps down of data, and I live in an LTE area, which is really crazy.  I've even parked next to a near by tower to see if it was just conjestion, and it's still the same.  It's like I'm being continously throttled to no more than 1Mbps.  I hope it's not because I'm on a grandfathered unlimited data plan.  I've just started to complain, I called an AT&T rep yesterday and they were no help.  Today, I'm going to an AT&T store in my area to see if they can help.  


May be time to see if T-Mobile is all it's cracked up to be.

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Re: Disappointed with Signal Strength

Are you still having problems with coverage?  If you need help, send us a private message by clicking here. Include your name, account number, contact information and the best time you can be reached. We'll try to help!

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Re: Disappointed with Signal Strength

If you're getting that kinda speeds, you're probably getting throttled. I was on "grandfathered unlimited" and after 3GB of data they slowed me down.

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