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Coverage Getting Worse


Coverage Getting Worse

Over the past couple years, I have noticed that AT&T coverage has been dropping.  I have multiple phones in my family that are experiencing the drop in signal strength.  At my home (zipcode 84093, Sandy, Utah), what used to be 5-bars is now 1-2 bars with calls dropping voice. At work (zipcode 84047, Midvale, Utah), signal strength varies betweem 1-4 bars.  It is getting tiresome apologizing for my poor signal when my calls are breaking up or simply drop.


Is AT&T reducing its coverage?  Or is AT&T not serving their towers?  My friends with other carriers tell me how good their coverage is.


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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

Hi there! @rscrocker Thanks for posting your concerns. Looking at those areas, we do have locations in and around them that may have limited service available.


While AT&T is licensed to cover a particular area, there may be spots within that area that have little or no coverage.


There are several reasons why coverage may not exist in a given area:

Zoning laws restricting towers

Issues where the surrounding terrain does not make a tower feasible

Not enough traffic in that area to support the cost of a tower

When deciding where to place a tower, it is imperative that the maximum number of possible customers are affected to keep our cost of service low.


One thing I’d recommend you try, is reporting low coverage areas with the AT&T Mark the Spot app.


Mark the Spot is a quick and easy to use app enabling you to provide network user experiences from your smartphone directly to AT&T. We use the issues you report to optimize and enhance our network to provide you with a great 4G network experience.


For more information on the app and steps to get it on your smartphone, please visit us at http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB111577&cv=820


We also have the AT&T Microcell available that will help alleviate that low signal in the home.

For more information and availability please go to www.att.com/att/microcell/


Hope this helps!


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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

You are correct rscrocker! AT&T coverage has been steadily declining since 2009, and sharply declining in 2015-2016.
T-mobile customers have noticed the same thing because T-mobile and AT&T use the same towers.

However, it is being done deliberately to force people to buy new phones over and over, after they break them in frustration. I learned this from a former AT&T employee. Might sound like a joke, but it's not. By 2016, we would expect to have fully reliable, clear phone service everywhere, but we actually have nothing remotely close to that.

Most of us remember that phone reception used to work circa 2001-2009 just fine, for the most part.

Currently 50% of people in Madison do not have what would qualify as phone service. This is because AT&T and T-mobile dominate the market here.

Having no phone service leads to massive disadvantages such as missed appointments, unemployment and even death.

[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].. They are also defrauding entire other industries who depend on customers having phone service. 

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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

In Sonora, CA zip 95370 I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT reduction in signal strength. I love how the official AT&T reply failed to address the DECREASE in signal strength and instead just mention how some areas will have low service. Yep, we know that there are dead pockets, thanks for nothing. What we WANT TO KNOW is why areas where we have had 4-5 bars all of the sudden have 1-2 bars.


So AT&T rep, why don't you answer the question that was asked instead of giving a irrelevant standard response that does not apply to the issue.

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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

I'm in Forked River, New Jersey (08731) and drive 100 miles a day to and from work. I literally drive from one side of the state to the complete other and have noticed a significant DECREASE in service strength in areas where it was otherwise good...fair at worst. Today on the way home, as a matter of fact, I kept an eye on my phone...I had one bar - ONE - for a distance of almost 10 miles. I had been on a phone call, and the other end said I was breaking up...this is an area where I've previously had no problems. I work in the State Capital, and 3 bars is the best I see...and this is 10 floors up in the air. I don't know what the heck is going on here, but I know I'm not losing it. I've been a customer for 18 years, and I'm well aware of the dead spots - these AREN'T dead spots.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

Not only is the coverage worst but the customer service is unrecognizable from the friendly,helpful 2009 through 2014 customer service. It was one of the reasons I stayed, even when the service for the first iPhones was horrible. Customer service bent over backwards to help solve a problem or find a work around solution. Now the rude, ignorant people who handle customer service are a disgrace. I would rather talk to a machine than deal with the offensive "I could care less" attitude of those I have interacted with over the past two years. As soon as my granddaughter's contract expires I'm moving to Verizon.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

I work in SLC and have also noticed a precipitous and measurable drop in cell tower connectivity. I chose at&t a few years ago for their wide coverage and high mobile data speeds. I find many dead spots now and slow data to be the norm. At home in Spanish Fork I no longer get coverage and have to use the new wifi calling Android feature. I'm definitely switching away when my latest contract is up. It's beyond disappointing. I'm trying to warn my entire corporation to discontinue at&t support.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

I too am having the same issues. Areas in Pennsylvania such as Lehighton, Mahonning, tannerville, and New Ringgold used to have superior service. Now I find myself not being able to make calls or just having poor service overall. ATT insists they are improving and will do everything except admit something is wrong. This issue is being shared by many other people I know and those on my plan. How can service be declining? I am so fed up. Luckily the five phones on my plan are owned as it may be time to switch to Verizon. Never thought I'd say that but I am fed up also.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

Everyone who has posted here be sure to hit the "me too" button. right now there are "only" 3 people who have this issue. maybe if we get those numbers up ATT will actually pay attention to what is clearly a nationwide decline in service. I'm STILL getting poor service (1 bar) where I used to get 4-5 bars.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

I live in Fort Worth, TX. I've noticed the same thing over the past year or so. I'm in the 76244 zip code and now I'm treated to 1-2 bars everywhere! Sucks! And that lame response from the at&t rep was terrible! She never answered/addressed the question! We can't all be wrong. Is hate to switch to Verizon because of their arcaic CDMA network that prevents you from talking and texting at the same time or just multitasking. At&t use a GSM network which I've always recommended to customers as an Apple Genius.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

At least in Texas, this is part of the problem: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas-politics/2017/05/18/bill-improve-cellphone-service-texas-cost-...


Dial down the power, make it a misery to use the very thing you can't seem to live without these days and see what we all start screaming about. The bill will make it so we pay more property taxes or local sales taxes to make up for the shortfalls in local budgets caused by the companies, we already pay handsomely to provide us with a service that use to work just fine, needing a "break" in the fees that they pay. Translation: they pay less to offer us a service that we still pay the same or more for, while we end up paying more elsewhere (in taxes) in addition. However, if they don't get this break in cost, it sounds as if we'll have poor and worse cell coverage forever.

In 14 years of owning my house I've gone from 5 bars and $850/yr in property taxes, to having to use Apple Network wifi to make calls at home because I get one or less bars and paying $1700/yr in taxes. 100% change in both taxes (up) and coverage (down). 

Somewhere we the consumers are going to end up paying either way, in loss of revenue or as someone earlier pointed out, perhaps in loss of life or property - or - more taxes. What is the answer?

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Re: Coverage Getting Worse


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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

We signed up for service in March and used to have good service in WV. About a month and a half ago it became horrible. When we signed up the website showed our house had full coverage but AT&T reps then told me that was wrong. I filed a complaint with the FCC and was immediately called back by someone in the president's office who said they would look into the issue and resolve the problem. After two weeks I finally got my "resolution" that we were too far away and there were too many leaves between our home and the cell tower. I was offered to switch carriers without any fees if I would like. Not really the solution I was hoping for.

I strongly suggest that anyone having a problem file a complaint with the FCC. The more they get hopefully will make a difference.
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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

Same here. I live in Atlanta, but drive a truck for a living. It doesn't matter if I'm in Atlanta, Dallas, LA, or Po dunk, Wy. Same issues. And strange thing is, the more bars I have, the worst the coverage. 5 bar = no calls much less being able to open a browser. Been complaining to AT&T. They finally said it was and issue with our phones. Software or hardware issues with our Galaxy phones. Like an **** I went out and got new S8's. Now I have hundreds of dollars worth of phones that are now worth a flip due to coverage. Can't open a browser half the time. At this point I'm not sure if I should just go to Verison, [Edited to comply with Guidelines]. IMO they deliberately lied and mislead me when they told me my service was fine, and it was my phone. Besides that they are not delivering what they advertise and what we are paying for.

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Re: Coverage Getting Worse

I totally agree with you.  I have had Cricket since 2006 because I like knowing what my bill will be every month and that the company can't add arbitrary charges to my bill.  Until approx. September 2013, I consistently had 4 bars in my house.  (I even used my phone inside my daughter's house in Jacksonville FL where Cricket didn't exist yet.  She had AT&T and couldn't use her phone inside her house, just an aside.)  


So around Sept. 2013, AT&T bought Cricket.  They didn't announce it until last year, but I know exactly when it happened because my signal immediately went from 4 bars to 1 bar, if I was lucky.  I did some checking and found that, even though in a town with over 30 towers and where Cricket is extremely popular, AT&T has only graced us with service from 4 of those towers, and that service is at the lowest tier.  And the closest one to me is almost 9 miles away, even though there is one only 1/2 mile from me.  Cricket now calls my neighborhood a "dead zone".  Tell me AT&T didn't buy Cricket to destroy their competition.  Yes, competition.  You can't go 2 miles without passing a Cricket store.


Since AT&T bought them, I have not been able to send texts with any attachments from my home, inside or out.  I will receive a voicemail but no call even shows up in the Log.  I stood right by my daughter (who is on my account!) and we tried to call one another and the calls would not go through - they wouldn't even complete dialing.  Several times a week, my phones go into Emergency Only mode for hours at a time.  That means no calls or texts.  Thank God for apps like Line that use my internet connection.  I am disabled, so without that service, I could be in trouble.  For the first couple of years, every time I would call Cricket, they would try to blame my phone and make me go through a ridiculous array of troubleshooting until one brave person finally admitted that AT&T bought Cricket.  AT&T has deliberately blocked my signal for almost 4 years and I'm still paying the same rate! 


By the way, I can prove that AT&T is deliberately squashing Cricket signals.  Remember the day of the cyber attack against their towers where almost every AT&T tower in the country was down?  Of course I didn't have service that day, but the interesting thing is that during the 10 hours their towers were down, my phone registered 4 bars again!  As soon as service was restored, my phone dropped back down to 1 bar.  [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. I finally gave up on Cricket and went to Boost Mobile where I can, once again, send pics attached to my texts and make calls whenever I want to.  Why didn't I change sooner?  Because I have 5 phones for $100/month and mine is the only phone that doesn't work (none of the others live with me but theirs don't work in my home either).  I had to get Boost and pay an additional phone bill every month because I was tired of getting yelled at when I didn't receive calls and/or texts and people would have to come across town to check on me.  


I want AT&T to explain why, even though they are the oldest communication company in the world with, historically, the best engineers outside NASA, which also means they are a very rich company, why won't you get on more towers and pay for, at least, the middle tier to give your customers minimally decent service?  If they think I'm so stupid that they can kill my service with a company that was reliable and think I would ever go to them as my carrier, they are crazy.  I would go without a phone before I would ever use AT&T as my carrier.


Thanks for letting me vent.

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