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Cell services

Due to Napa, Sonoma and the Atlas fire you guys have the worst cell provider. While Tmobile, Verizon, even Sprint got at least a bar or 2 during this disaster. ATT customer were begging to use other people's cell phone to contact families and fried just to let them know of our safety. I work for a state facility in Napa with a ton of employee who has AT&T as there provider, sorry say but you guys are not reliable nor live up to your big box name. So disappointing, and embarrassing. As soon as we r done with our contract I will lobby to my many co-workers to switch to a mother provider, or sooner.

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‎10-18-2017 3:14 AM

Re: Cell services

Hello @Laileen06,

I apologize you are experiencing low service in your area. It can be very scary to go through something as devastating as a fire. I hope you are okay at this time and safe!

One of the reasons for the poor service can be if towers have been affected due to the fires. The working towers at this time may be down and this will then case network congestion.

A great option will be enabling WI-FI calling. You will need to go through our Device How To and choose your Make and Model > Calling this will guide you through how to set it up on your device.

Please use our Mark the Spot App to provide feedback on your network experience.

AT&T utilizes this feedback to better target network optimization and enhancements. Problems are clustered together to highlight areas for investigation. In the link it will have how to report issues in your area.

If you would like us to check on the towers in your area please private message us @ATTCares with your full name, account number, phone number and address this is happening at.

Thank you for your time and making us aware of your service concerns.

Linda, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Cell services

LOL....hey Laileen06.  Why didn't you think of using WIFI???  That helps a lot in your car doesn't it!


ATT"CAres"  please stop...it just makes you look foolish to keep providing these same canned responses that don't help the coverage problems.

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Re: Cell services

I wan t to knowhow to get cell phones service

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Re: Cell services

Is AT&T experiencing a severe outage?  I have had no cellular service in the Dallas, TX area for a few days now.  

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Re: Cell services

I live in the Kenwood CA and have AT&T for my cellphone carrier and reception has become really bad. Many times I have "no service" notices on my phone. I found out many of my neighbors have the same issue, but AT&T repeatedly says there is no problem in this area. There is obviously a cell tower that is out or defective but AT&T won't own up to the problem. I guess they don't care about our small area. 

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Re: Cell services

Use Verizon.  Seriously though, there isn't' anything you can do to the phone other than make sure your cell roaming is on and turn your LTE off (yeah, really).  ATT has a spotty network and unless you're within a short distance of their towers, you're out of luck.  They'll tell you to use the Mark the Spot ap, reset your network settings, etc. but you'll find that the problem is the network is the problem, not your phone.  Just peruse the message board here and you'll see ATT has only canned responses to customer service complaints and you'll find that they'll suggest you buy a signal booster which is no guarantee.  The problem is coverage..and they'll never admit that. 
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