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AT&T's service has gone *****


AT&T's service has gone *****

I live in Las Vegas and work and reside in the southern part of the city. My service over the past 6 months has slowly been getting worse and worse. I will have 1 to 2 bars maybe, my service just drops on certain roads on my way back home, I cannot even send or receive texts in my office building or even outside of it!! I pay way too much to have no service 8-9 hours of the day.


This is extremely frustrating as I have to work with personal matters during business hours as well. This area needs another tower ASAP!!!!



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‎03-06-2019 11:12 AM

Re: AT&T's service has gone *****

Hello @annoyed3333!


We're sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with cellular connection on your device. Let us offer a helping hand!


You can use our AT&T Mark The Spot Article by providing and reporting any service interruptions within the AT&T network that may be affecting your area.


If you are still having issues connecting to the network, feel free to use our AT&T troubleshoot & Resolve Tool by selecting which cellphone brand/model you have, go to Internet in the Service/Network Issues section, and follow the tutorial steps to help get your device fully operational.


We hope this information helps, and have a good afternoon!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: AT&T's service has gone *****

Wow this is your answer? This seems to be a wide spread problem for AT&T.  I have been in many places where there was little or no signal. As a matter of fact for the last 7 years I have little or no signal( mostly NO signal) where I work. I'm in my last few months of my contract so I will move to a new provider this time. I'm tired of the excuses and lame answers to real problems AT&T is plagued with.

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