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Re: Your Guide to SHAZAM!

Your Guide to SHAZAM!

Everybody loves a dark, gritty super hero story — it's no coincidence that the broody Batman has been one of the most popular super heroes of the last 100 years. But sometimes, it's nice to take a break from the existential angst and moral gray areas and just have some good old-fashioned crime-fighting fun. Enter SHAZAM!, the latest DC Universe super hero whose shiny cape, chunky boots and wicked sense of humor are sure to spark a lightning bolt of joy with moviegoers.

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Re: Your Guide to SHAZAM!

But just where did this red-clad crimefighter come from? It's actually a complicated journey. Learn how SHAZAM! evolved over the years to become the super hero we know and love today in A Guide to SHAZAM!: Origins, Powers and the New Feature Film.

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