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Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?


Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

Every week, we posted a different poll for an Oscar race - all the way up to last night's Academy Awards ceremony. It turns out our Community Awards Experts were pretty close to perfect in picking the winners!


Here are the results of our poll and the actual winners:


Category AT&T Community Poll Winner The 91st Academy Award Winner
Best Picture Roma (50% of the vote) Green Book
Best Director Alfonso Cuarón and Spike Lee (both receiving 40% of the vote) Alfonso Cuarón
Best Actor Rami Malek (75% of the vote) Rami Malek
Best Actress Olivia Colman (50% of the vote) Olivia Colman
Best Animated Film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (64% of the vote) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


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‎01-28-2019 10:17 AM

Re: Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

Thank you to all of our Community Awards Experts for participating in our Oscar polls!


What did you think of the show? Should they go with no hosts, for now on? Would you have won your Oscar pool? What was you favorite moment of the night?


- The AT&T Community Team

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Re: Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

I loved seeing Spike Lee jump into Samuel L. Jackson's arms. That was awesome.




I'm a sucka for anyone not being self-conscious about their joy, when winning.

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Re: Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

I hope they go hostless for a while, now. It was nice not having a monologue or parody songs or comedy skits, for a change.

The show seemed to go smoother (and faster), imo.

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Re: Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

I find it amazing that the Community got 4 out of 5 major winners right. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Oscars 2019 - Who's Going to Win?

@JaeDee- I think this (obviously) means that Hollywood should hand over it's keys to us.

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