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Oscar moments

Oscar moments

I have to admit, I enjoyed the Oscars more than I thought I would (considering all the trainwreck-y drama leading up to it). What was everyone's favorite moment?


Although I don't generally like Lady Gaga or that song (something cant be in the shallow and far from the shallow at the same time!) I thought that was a really nice and sweet performance by Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

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Re: Oscar moments

I adored every moment of Olivia Coleman's acceptance speech.

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Re: Oscar moments

Over the moon about Rami Malek winning an Oscar. And that amazing opening number by Queen and Adam Lambert? Brilliant.


As far as the winners go, I'm really surprised about Green Book winning Best Picture.

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Re: Oscar moments

I've been surprised by Green Book winning, ever since the the Golden Globes, @JaeDee.


Although, I guess that means I probably shouldn't be surprised at this point - but every award show from the Globes-on, I'd think 'certainly Green Book isnt going to win this, too!' Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Oscar moments

Olivia Coleman and Rami Malek have both been so good in so many things - although I dont have a lot of interest in the Queen film - I'm really glad that they both won.

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