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Aquaman, half man, half Atlantis

Aquaman, half man, half Atlantis

Aquaman is a colossal warrior who learns of his legitimate right to the throne of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, but he is also a self-described pariah, above and below the surface of the ocean. He lives his life as Arthur Curry, a man raised by his human father, Tom, despite being the firstborn of Queen Atlanna. Its very existence offers the potential of a bridge between the inhabitants of the ocean and those of the surface, but it will depend on it that one day it can unite them, that day has arrived...

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Re: Aquaman, half man, half Atlantis

Find out how, working together, director James Wan and actor Jason Momoa sought to offer a big-screen rendition of DC's iconic Super Hero that honored his comic book roots and was also a reinvention for the current audience that lives in the real world in Aquaman, half man, half Atlantis.

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