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from contract to prepaid?


from contract to prepaid?

Hey all..


I have been thru contracts before..so,if I wanted to use a GoPhone while on contract,no workie,right?...unless I want to pay that lump sum to cancel?? i am not sure if that is exact,so thought I would ask the young wizards here..Smiley Happy

thx lots..peace...

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Re: from contract to prepaid?

No, LOL, he is not disabled - he is just too generous with allowing his friends to use his cell phone.  He originally had the prepaid plan and it was great, but then he didn't pay his bill and I told him if I paid it I wanted to know who he was allowing to call China and Afghanistan and all the other places the U.S. government might want to question him, and us, about, so I put him on a plan that would allow me to do that, which of course, costs more.  Well, he no longer does that, so I want to put him back on the prepaid plan and cut this bill in half again.  I just wanted to be able to do it online.  I know I can change back to prepaid, I just didn't want to have to go into the store again.  However, that seems to be the only option from the feedback I'm getting.  So thank you to all, and I will make a point to do that this week.

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