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Re: Question about changing from postpaid to prepaid


Question about changing from postpaid to prepaid

Heard news about AT&T starting to offer a $25 a month prepaid plan that allows for unlimited messaging and 250 minutes starting on the 18th. Figured this would be a great idea for me, but does anyone know, would I be able to transfer my number from my current AT&T iPhone to this GoPhone service? 


One of the main reasons is because I'd like to keep my iPhone, but I am wondering if AT&T allows a customer to keep an iPhone but have it not have a rate plan or text messaging included. Basically, I want to use my iPhone just for data and have my GoPhone be used for talk & text. Any help would be appreciated!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Question about changing from postpaid to prepaid

@JoeDan wrote:
actually disregard part of what I said there, it'd be better to just use the Google Voice number instead of porting the iPhone # so I wouldn't have to cancel my contract.... I would just give people my Google Voice #. Then I would just cut my text off and go to the cheaper rate plan. Then I may not even need the GoPhone thing...

OK final round, right?


Yes, if you don't port, and simply use the new Google Voice number (requested for your area code) then you do not need messaging packages at all.  But without porting you will have to readvertise your Google Number as your new text number (and optionally, possibly later, your Google Voice number as you new voice number).  You will effectively have a change of phone identity.


But if you port, then your account gets shutdown.  And your contract for the iPhone ends even though you are month-to-month without ETF.


So, yes.  You can just clip-off messaging, and remain put otherwise.  That will work especially if you need 2G-month cellular data limits.  Prepaid doesn't provide that level of cellular data cover, and probably will never do.


Over and out.  I think we have closure.

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