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New Unlimited AT&T PREPAID Plan!

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New Unlimited AT&T PREPAID Plan!

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Hello Community!


We have some very exciting news to share with all of our diehard GoPhone users out there.  In addition to launching our new AT&T Unlimited Choice and Plus plans for postpaid customers, we've also launched a new GoPhone Unlimited Plan! 


In addition to unlimited talk and text, you'll also get unlimited data too for only $65 a month!  Do you travel to Mexico and Canada also?  Well we've got great news for you too.


Please keep reading below for all the details on this amazing new offer!


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

"Learn how AT&T is rewarding our loyal customers with AT&T THANKS!"

I clicked this link and it takes me to an ad?! Nice one AT&T!! That's some "thanks" for being a loyal customer. Not really my idea of a "thanks"

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

Not having high speed data access and limiting download speed to 3Mbps, that's a problem. This new plan is stupid. You want to offer unlimited data (actually 22GB a month) and want to slow down the connection speed to around 3 Mbps? And why can't you tether? You're gonna charge less to allow tethering and charge more to not tether? Screw this, I'll keep my $60 plan. 

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

 Verizon has some plans that allow tethering that you might look at.

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

Honestly, AT&T could quickly and simply rectify this entire ordeal by giving their "unlimited data plan" customers an allotted amount of GB's to specifically be allowed towards the usage of Hotspot/tethering each month that is included within the 22GB of high speed lightening fast data before it's said to significantly slow down once breached. Surely a company as intelligent, technologically advanced, and financially backed as AT&T could create a logically, sensible program like that for a mere multi-billion dollar prepaid phone plan? After all, isn't good business all about quality customer service? Or did that all cease when technology took it's hold? Technology is actually just starting... Don't let it defeat you in it's own infancy!
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ACE - Sage

Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!: Tethering/hotspot complaints suggestion for possible solution:

@R0b0c0p  They do...on the Unlimited plus plan, which is $30 more.   The $65 bargain plan is not going to have the same features as a more expensive plan, it will have less.  Common sense.   You want more, you have to pay more.


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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!: Tethering/hotspot complaints suggestion for possible solution:

not a better plan - no hotspot for $65 plan - the $60 plan from that is not offered anymore is much better
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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

Up until now the $45 prepaid plan and the $65 plan offered high speed Data at 6gb and 8gb respectively. Either way, my speed tested out at between 25 to 35 MBPS. I am currently paying$65 for 22 Mb of high speed which only tests around 3Mbps, as I see is indicative of the current terms for this plan.
This is crappy. To stream YouTube requires a minimum of 5 Mbps in order to buffer properly.
I can't even load some web pages without having to reload while downloading data.
Is this 3 gig limit (far Below "high speed Data" standards) also applied to the $45 plan? Or is it only screwing with those who thought you were finally offering more than 2gb at high speed for paying the extra $20?
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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

i believe its a way to offer less for more - i have felt the pain of the
super slow data on another line - definitely not a high speed, and think
its crazy how this new plan is diguised as comparable, even got emails and
texts saying "just the name is changing, everything else is the same"....so
not true
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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

you would think, paying in advance, and providing our own phones - they
would at least offer a top notch plan for whatever price - i think they
make too much money on the phones, insurance, and fees - so it seems like
the prepaid plans are getting worse, so they can sell a billed plan that
they can charge you whatever they want, whenever they want....then explain
it later. i didnt switch from the $60 gophone plan, on my main line, and
am not going to - i have got speed test speeds of almost 50mbps. and am
mad i cant do hotspot, slower speeds, and $5 more a month for the other
lines. samsung should have a problem with at&t denying their products from
working how they are made to. hotspot changes nothing at all for at&t
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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

yes,  my gold member THANKS was a blank page.

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

I recently switched from the $60 plan to a prepaid plan. For $95 per month I get the unlimited data, FREE HBO and a $20 credit each month!!! Yes, it's slower than before but I can download ANY HBO show or movie to my SD CARD and watch it via HDMI on my TV. I also get 10 GB of hotspot which means I can tether my tablet to play & download games! If you're ok with the slow download, the price for all this is RIGHT! Anyone else? 

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

I just bought your $65 Unlimited Plan a few hours ago. The agent who helped with the setup asked if I wanted Mobile Hotspot and I said "No as long as I can still tether." The rest of the app was fine except when I tried to test the tether feature lo and behold...no tether. As far as this plan is concerned a USB cable is only to be used as a charging conduit. So any photos/files needing to be exchanged between my phone and laptop now has to be send through a third party (text/email/WhatsApp) application for viewing on a secondary device. So I now have to either wait until the end of the month to downgrade to a plan that knows what a USB does or find another carrier. I surely hope AT&T is about more careful next time it decides to do away with a perfectly decent system ($60 plan) with one that barely 'cuts it.' It may help to research what a smartphone does as well as what those of us in the 21st Century actually use a it for.

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

My wife’s Go-Phone autopay didn’t make the scheduled withdrawal 2 days ago and she found that out today when she had car trouble her the phone didn’t work. I went online and discovered that the autopay had been turned off until I agreed to some new terms. 

THis comes on the heels of ATT cancelling my autopay discount for another plan because autopay isn’’t turned on, yet when I go online both autopay and paperless billing is “active”. 

On top of that, they don’t respond to phone calls or chat requests - well, that is to say, the wait times are infinite. 

I’ll keep my wife’s plan, which is $25 for 3 months, I’m sure they’d love to get rid of this ancient account, but I am looking to replace my more valuable smart phone account

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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

yes - major switching of things, the whole "att prepaid"(formerly "att
gophone") is full of bugs, and cant get to a person. my plan is $60 per
month, but now they dont sell a $60 phone card, only $65 - so i had to load
$65, and now i have a $5 credit...which just means i will be paying $65 a
month for the next year, until it builds up enough to get a "free month"
from overpay. but, conveniently, if something happens that i cant get it
in on time, im sure that extra money will get lost in their mix. this
happened to me before, in a billed plan from att. the website went on the
fritz, there was a $100 extra charge on my account, i called customer
service, they said they couldnt see what it was from because their side was
down also...but i shouldnt be worried, because i already paid the normal
price of the months bill, so my phone would stay active, and they would
contact me when they figured it out. but, the very next day, my phone was
shut off, and i was charged a disconnect fee, late fee, and the mysterious
$100 charge "never happened". i could never get an answer to why it was
shut off in the first place, if i payed the scheduled amount - on time.
they get us any way they can, then find new ways to get a little more if
they need it - what does a "contracted agreement" mean anymore, if there is
always a way for them to get out of it, even if its not in the booklet of
tiny print...and all we want is what we agreed to pay for.
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Re: New Unlimited GoPhone Plan!

I’ve been using my personal hotspot with my prepaid 22G plan, and it recently stopped working? I’d love to know why I can’t use my hotspot anymore, since that’s how I get my assignments for college done! I don’t have WiFi at home, and this has been my only option...

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