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GoPhone: switch back and forth between plans

GoPhone: switch back and forth between plans

I visit my brother, who lives in the US, a couple of times a year. At the moment
I have the AT&t GoPhone plan, which I have to refil with $100 a year, so I
won't lose my number. Before I was using the $60 a month, but I might be switching to the $45 option.


My plan expired on 27 july 2015 and my balance (number) expires on 15 february 2016. What I want to do is change my plan to 25 cent a minute (my sim card will be waiting in my suitcase for my next trip), after that add $100 and change it back to the $45 plan a few days before I will be visiting in July. When I leave again I wil switch it back to the 25 cent plan, so I have $55 in my account for my next visit. Can I change back and forth like this? Or is there a smarter/better option?

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‎01-31-2016 8:00 AM

Re: GoPhone: switch back and forth between plans

Hi @timhaanraadts!


You can certainly change your GoPhone plan back and forth as you mentioned, and that is what I would recommend to do. It would be best to change to the $0.25/minute plan the day before your $45/$60 monthly plan expires. Log in here to change your GoPhone plan.


You can view your GoPhone Terms of Service here.



Hope this helps!




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Re: GoPhone: switch back and forth between plans

Solved :-)

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