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Go Phone Sim Card - International Calling


Go Phone Sim Card - International Calling

I've just bought a Go Phone SIM card for one month of calls for $25. I need 150 minutes/month to call a landline in Australia. I see there is a $5 Int'l feature.  It reads like I get 250 minutes of Int'l calls for $5, but elsewhere I see per minute charges of about 9 cents/minute and still elsewhere per minute rates of about $1/minute.  If I buy the $5 Int'l feature how much will it cost me to talk for 150 minutes?

Finally, I paid $25 for one month of calls, so my account balance is now zero. When I try to buy the Int'l Calling feature I'm always asked to pay another $25 to recharge my account.  I just want to add $5. Can I do this?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Go Phone Sim Card - International Calling

Hello, darklight!


Thanks for your post! I apologize for all the confusion surrounding the international calling feature on your prepaid device. For more information about the different kinds of GoPhone international calling features, please click on the link below.


GoPhone International Calling


I hope that helps answer your question! Let me know if you need anything else!





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