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Feature data package question

Feature data package question

I have just singed up for the auto-refill option for my feature data package (for my smartphone). I understand that it will auto-refill in 30 days by taking the money out of my account balance. My question is will I loose my data balance (which is quite high) if it is renewed on the 30th day as scheduled....or should I refill it myself on the 29th day? I don't use a lot of data at this point in time and that is why I have a large reserve of data built up. However, I do not want to loose any of my balance in case I really do need to use a lot of data in the future. Any suggestions or clarifications would be appreciated.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Feature data package question

You might. It's kind of risky to set up auto renewal with data remaining on your data package. I would suggest to manually refill your data package yourself on the 29th day. I would rest much more assured rather than having to worry about if the existing data balance will be kept or forfeited.

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