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After being a customer of AT&T for 26 years, they have managed to put me out of business in less than 1 day.

Annette ***** Owner and Director of *****


History:  I had AT&T in my home & condo since 1993.  I relocated to another condo in the same building and was told after an AT&T technician was here over 6 hrs. that service could not be installed.  I have had the phone no. ***** since 1993.  It is used as my personal line as well as my home office line.  A year and a half later I called AT&T again to see if anything might have changed.


March 1, 2016

Virginia ***** at AT&T (888-652-6488 ext. 0185) was called about attempting to get the program “One American News”.  It was explained at that time that we were unable to get AT&T into our condo.  Virginia explained that it was possible.   Virginia suggested switching my personal line of *****, my Internet, my business line, ***** and my U verse over to a business account #*****.  The monthly charge for this was $164 a month

April 25, 2016

Chris (ID: ***** @ ATT.net) from the residential department made the offer to switch everything to the residential department and he would upgrade U verse to the 300 level and that I could keep all my old phone numbers.  This was all for the sum of $159 a month.  This all was because I was still unable to get any news channels.

May 20, 2016

#1    Maggie from the business department disconnected after 47 minutes of waiting

#2     Jessica from the business department (ID:*****) also disconnected

#3      Chad (ID:*****) from the residential department set up a new U verse residential account #*****.  This account included two phone lines, U verse, and the Internet for $132.49 per month.  He told me that I could keep my old phone numbers and set up an installation on May 24, 2016  

May 24, 2016

#1       Gary a technician (ID: *****) at ***** came to my condo and after working approx. 2 hrs. said that he was unable to complete the installation if I wanted to keep my old phone numbers.

#2        Dom (ID: *****) from residential was called by me.  He said everything could be switched to residential and I could keep my old telephone numbers.  These numbers were ***** and *****. He discussed this with his supervisor Charles***** @ *****. His manager is Edwin C @ *****.

May 25, 2016/May 26, 2016

I talked with Charles ***** on 3 different occasions.  He said he needed a couple days to work on it but it would be possible to complete the switch to residential and keep my old phone numbers as soon as ***** was disconnected from the business department

May 31, 2016

Wayne, technician, at ***** came to my condo at 9 AM.  When he went to work, the telephone lines, my television, and the Internet had been disconnected.  He set up an account *****.  He explained that I could not keep my old phone numbers but I could have calls forwarded when someone called my old business number of *****, to my cell phone number *****.  He discussed this with a woman from acquisitions who indicated this would all be possible and she was going to call back in 30 minutes to confirm.  It was approx. 11 am.  She never did call back. His manager is Edwin C @*****



The results at the end of the day is my old telephone number is answered with a message saying “this number has been changed and the new number in unknown”.  In summary, my educational tutoring business of 26 years which relies solely on my business phone of ***** has been shut down in 1 day.  My tutors, my clients, and my contractors are left with no way to get a hold of me.

My goal in the next 24 hours is:

 to have my business line of ***** reinstated and working or

a forwarding message saying ***** has been change to the new number [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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