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Switching to Voip was a disaster for my business


Switching to Voip was a disaster for my business


Hi I have a psychotherapy practice with 10 therapists. For years I have had an account with ATT with one regular land line with 10 voicemail boxes, one voicemail box for each therapist. Recently someone from ATT called me and encouraged me to switch to Voip saying it would allow me to get one bill instead of two and would be faster, cheaper and better. They neglected to say that when you have a Voip line you can only have ONE voice mailbox so of course that didn't work for me and has created a huge problem. Also no one warned me that all we would all lose all our saved messages.


The switch to Voip was made on Tues 5/3 and I immediately started calling and complaining that we'd lost all our voice mail boxes and saved messages.  Now we have one voicemail box for 10 therapists!  I was literally on hold for hours and after explaining the problem to several different people, two of whom hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor, a rep from the Retention Dept and I finally agreed that I needed to be switched back to a POTS line with the 10 mailboxes. The order to do that was placed through the Retention Dept last Wed 5/4 but I have not heard anything all week and can't find the order number.  I have not heard anything for one week now and want to know when the switch will be made.  I feel it should be expedited given that I got terrible advice from ATT to make the switch to begin with.  The person who suggested it was obviously not looking carefully at my account or they could easily have seen I have 10 mailboxes.  Or the person didn't know that you can have only one mailbox with a Voip account.  Either way it is their problem.  Everyone I have talked to - a lot of different people -has told me something different.  


Just today someone put me on hold then disconnected me and as I write this I have been on hold for over 35 minutes with the Retention Dept. listening to annoying music.

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Re: Switching to Voip was a disaster for my business

Hello @wkgmomx3,


Thank you for reaching out on our Business Community.  I want to apologize for the poor customer experience you had thus far.  I will be happy to get you some help.  Please private message me by clicking here the following information, so I can further assist you.


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Any additional details regarding this:


Thank you.


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Re: Switching to Voip was a disaster for my business

VOIP is great! Does require proper planning for network and a good VOIP provider. Sadly AT&T does a poor job in implementation and being flexible. I suggest you hire a VOIP consultant, as they will understand the common pitfalls and can offer a better solution.


I recommend Digium cloud hosted solution or various other VOIP providers. Contact me if you are interested in pursing further. The majority of taxes are attributed to landline phone service. VOIP frees you from expensive landlines and provides unbelievable calling features.


Best of LUCK!


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