Updating Credit Card Expiration Date


Updating Credit Card Expiration Date

I attempted to update the expiration date of my credit card that is used for Auto Refill on the Pay as You Go website. There is no option to do this. I called customer service and after spending an extended period of time waiting to speak to someone, I was told (agent overseas) there is no option for this and I would be transferred to another department (in the USA). I explained the same and was told he did not know anything about the website's options but he would change the date. This took several minutes and then I was required to listen to a recorded message with legal disclaimers to agree to before the confirmation would be made for the date change. I have had auto pay for a few years on two phones and have never gone through this inconvenience. Am I missing something here? 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Updating Credit Card Expiration Date

From memory the way to do it is add new card re-enter the card number and new expiry date you can then delete the old card.

Its not just att that do it this way.


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Re: Updating Credit Card Expiration Date

I thought about doing as you said but I figured it would not accept the same card number since I was really not adding a new card but just updating the expiration date. I feel they should make it more clear on their website. Thanks for your quick reply and I will do it that way in the future.

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Re: Updating Credit Card Expiration Date

This is really sad.  This post was originally made in April.  Here it is June.  And STILL your web site references (when you dig for it) going to the 'update your expiration date link' .  Why do you say the problem is solved.  Fix your web site.  Why make it difficult for people to pay you!  Make it EASY.


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Re: Updating Credit Card Expiration Date


Bill & Payments

Payment Options

Manage Auto Pay

Update Card Expiration Date


These are the steps that worked for me.

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Re: Updating Credit Card Expiration Date

I think you are mistaken. This is where you edit credit card information for local phone service not prepaid wireless.
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