Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)


Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)



I have an ATT GoPhone number for my occasional trips to the US. My account summary is as follows:




Main Account Balance


Account Status


Account Balance Expiration Date


Cancel Date


Rate Plan

$50 Monthly Unlimited Plan 

Rate Plan Status


Rate Plan Expiration Date





My questions are:


1. By when do I have to refill my account so that I can continue with the same number and rate plan?  And with how many dollars? 


2. My next trip to the US will not be for another 6 to 8 months at least, in the meantime, do I have to keep refilling my account with 50 bucks every month/ few months? Is there a way to maintain the same number that allows me to re-filI only when required? 


My main concern is maintaining the same number. 


I have read most of the literature available on the forum/ ATT website regarding this, but wasn't able to figure out a definite answer.



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Re: Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)

Oh, the answer of number 3 is what I wanted!!!!!!

But actually I use " $50 - 5 GB Monthly Mobile Hotspot Plan ".

Can I do the same way you recommended?



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Re: Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)

Unfortunately, I do not think so. I am not familiar with the newer mobile hotspot plans. The mobile hotspot plans are not listed under the eligible plans listed here:

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Re: Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)

Hopefully someone can answer this question.


I would like to know if my account says my plan has expired on Nov 11, can it be used again? I looked at the account online yesterday (Jan 15 2017) and it says to "Refill now to renew your plan". The account had no funds in it and I read somewhere that if after 59 days, the expired account would be cancelled and a new plan would have to be purchased. The plan expired 65 days ago. I would like to use the data sim (the plan I had was for data not voice) again March 15 (I am in Australia and only visit every few months) so I put $10 into the account to see what would happen. I don't mind losing the $10 but if I put the plan amount ($75) in, what happens if the plan can't be used? 


Can you put money on a plan for an expired account?


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