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How to get old phone number?

How to get old phone number?

I recently went from prepaid Boost to prepaid ATT. I want my old phone number.  I was told at ATT it could take many hours and several steps to make that happen.  I know someone out there has been able to shorten this time frame. Outrages time frame to me.  Can anyone help?Smiley Happy

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Re: How to get old phone number?

Porting a number is hit or miss. Boost does not own the number actually, it would be through whomever they leased it from for their phone that you had.

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Re: How to get old phone number?

But as long as the line is not in a cancelled status with Boost then the number can be ported over, normally it does not take long to do, but can take up to 72 hours to complete, you would know the porting process is done when your AT&T phone rings when some one calls the number that you are bringing over from Boost.
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Re: How to get old phone number?

Update: I have been able to change my phone number. I don't know why ATT told me it would take so long to make this happen.  It took longer to register to this site and write my topic (almost). I called the number I was given for a port change 1-888-898-7685. I talked with a exceptional representative Tom Dulton who told me he could do it in 5-7 minutes. It took longer because I was not prepared with all he needed, but he found ways around everything.  He was able to make everything happen in one call, unlike the representatives at Att on union st in Traverse City told me.So Happy!!!Smiley Happy

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