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Give the Gift of AT&T Wireless!
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I had an iPhone 5S and a iPhone 4 before that). I just got thr iPhone 6, but for some reason, even thoguh I shut down my iPhone 5S fully before turning on and backing up from iCloud my new iPhone 6..... the new iPhone 6 is not 'registering" my phone number? It just shows "No Service" in upper left corner. Ideas?!?! [Subject edited for better exposure]
Get The Latest And The Greatest With Next! AT&T is providing new and existing customers with simpler and more flexible ways to upgrade to a new smartphone. We know you want flexibility and choices. With our new plans, we’re giving you the power to decide between lower monthly payments or the ability to upgrade to the latest smartphone sooner. Want to upgrade using your ... read more
Hello Community! We all know life happens, so we wanted to take a moment to share some of the great information we have around protecting your newly activated or upgraded devices. Especially if you are active and always on the move! Taking Advantage of AT&T Device Protection If you have an AT&T Protection Plan or want to check out what is available, know your options! Fi... read more
Say hello to the future! Congratulations on your new phone order! We know you are super excited and want your new iPhone as soon as possible! We have provided some helpful information regarding the delivery of your device once it's ready! The order will typically show in progress until it has been shipped out. The estimated shipping dates are based on the time that you o... read more
Ordering your iPhone is 50% Faster! Skip the line, order online! Preorders are coming! Just under 24 hours! Many of our members are using this opportunity to upgrade to the new iPhone 8, 8+ and soon to arrive, X! Knowing that your time is valuable, we have upgraded your upgrading experience! It is now 50% faster when you upgrade online! Just select your device, accessories,... read more
Hi!I am from Germany and will travel along the States with my family for 3 weeks. I have a AT&T branded 770s mobile LTE hotspot with me and need a data plan for that device. I usually used GoPhone 5GB plans for this hotspot while I was in the States the years before. As we will visit Canada as well in this year`s holiday, I need international roaming, too.As far as I read in th... read more
I am using monthly $45 gophone plan for my son studying in USA.He will leave USA and back to home country for the winter and summer holiday. Are there any means to pause his gophone plan when he are out of USA (no roaming services for gophone users!) on those long holidays, 1 month and 4 months respectively !!!But keeping his US number and money credit left in his gophone accou... read more
On the GoPhone login, it gives an option to "give a gift" you simply put in the 10 digit number.Is it possible to use your balance instead of entering your bank or credit card information?
I bought a gophone online from ATT store as a gift for someone who had an existing gophone account/phone number. When the phone arrived, it was assigned a new phone number. We got the phone switched to the existing number, but now do I have to "cancel" the phone number originally given to the order? I don't want to get charged for a phone line that is not being used.