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Customers using Att Wifi Calling cannot reach my buisness line


Customers using Att Wifi Calling cannot reach my buisness line

As the title states: Att customers using wifi calling cannot reach my business landline. They receive an audible message saying that the number is disconnected or changed and no alternative could be found. I have tested this with 3 att cellphones and 1 Verizon cellphone. The att cellphones, when wifi calling was disabled, were able to dial through and the verizon phone was able to dial through with and without wifi calling. All phones are able to reach other numbers with and without wifi calling enabled.

It is likely worth mentioning that our landline is partway through the process of converting to VoIP, but the att tech left without finishing and hasn't returned[missing a self set appointment of Wednesday 3/13/19]

I have tried reaching out to att customer service for both business uverse and mobility and the response I have received is simply to tell our customers to disable wifi calling. Obviously this is next to impossible to accomplish for our existing customers and truly impossible for potential customers dialing in.

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