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Can I Assign a Static IP to the MicroCell?


Can I Assign a Static IP to the MicroCell?

I've installed a MicroCell in my studio and after three days, I have to say it works great for solving our cell reception issues. Cell reception is a big deal for us, because we have completely ditched our land lines and have converted our entire studio over to using cells & the AT&T Office at Hand for our answering service / routing. HOWEVER, the MicroCell has brought in a whole new issue - internet connectivity is dropping.


The problem I am seeing with the MicroCell is that by it living on our LAN it is disrupting the rest of my LAN traffic. About every five to ten minutes, the MicroCell polls back to the nearest AT&T cell tower and hogs all of our bandwidth, kicking everyone on our LAN offline.


Here's what my network looks like...


Cable Modem (DHCP turned OFF, I have 5 dedicated IP addresses) --» Cisco 501 (issuing DHCP) --» LAN


The solution I see to this problem is that I'd like to hang this MicroCell outside of my LAN, straight off the cable modem. This way, I can assign it it's own IP address & it can do it's own thing - and leave my LAN alone.


Hours on the phone with AT&T "technical support" (I'll use that term loosely here) and I've gotten nowhere with them - none of their techs seem to know how to assign a static IP to the MicroCell. They actually told me that it's impossible to assign a static IP address to the MicroCell, but that seems pretty ridiculous to me. If the MicroCell can dynamically accept an IP over DHCP, then there must be settings on the thing somewhere that allow you to manually configure it. The last "tech" I talked to told me to call Cicso & see if they knew how to get into the thing and configure the IP. Seriously.


Anyway - my question to anyone listening is this... the MicroCell has a crossover port on it, there's got to be a way I can hop into the thing and manually set the IP / subnet / router / dns info. There has to be a way to get into the thing and manually set your configuration, so does anyone have any idea how to do this?

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Re: Can I Assign a Static IP to the MicroCell?

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