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1070 Sys ext mailbox


1070 Sys ext mailbox

Greetings. I need a hand, or an outside perspective.


I have one 1080 set up as an auto-attendant. 

I have a few 1070's, but only one that needs a sys ext voicemail box.


My 1070 is extension 25. The sysmailbox is on our auto attendant (ext 13). 


I can leave a voicemail for extension 25, that part seems to work fine.


When I try to check a voicemail from the 1070 on line 1, I press intercom and 0... it beeps, but nothing goes beyond that... I don't get asked for our preconfigured security code to listen to messages.


Any tips for me? I've been at this long enough, that I probably couldve bought new phones instead... Haha.


Thank you. 

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Re: 1070 Sys ext mailbox

Hello @headscratcher


Thank you for reaching out on our Business Community.  I will be happy to get you some help and have someone look to see what is going on.  Please private message me by clicking here the following information, so I can further assist you.


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Thank you.


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