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You Know You’re a White Walker If…

You Know You’re a White Walker If…

Forget the Iron Throne and the wars of the Seven Kingdoms: as winter sets in on Game of Thrones, all living men (and women) will have to set aside their differences and fight the real enemy. The White Walkers, a race of inhuman ice beings led by the Night King, pose a greater danger to the realm than even Cersei Lannister.

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Re: You Know You’re a White Walker If…

But who are the White Walkers? What do they want? Most importantly, could you be a White Walker?


Find out if you should join the Night King’s freezing ranks in his bid to put an end to the age of man and turn Westeros into The Land of Always Winter. Then get ready for return of Game of Thrones, on April 14th, on HBO!

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