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Will I be able to watch game of thrones


Will I be able to watch game of thrones

I have the original live a little package that does not have hbo, I recently got an email that on April 18 my bill will go up to $50 and change to a different package. I checked today April 11 and my package hasn’t changed over so I don’t have hbo yet. Game of thrones comes back on April 14 what do I have to do to get this channel??

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‎04-11-2019 5:23 PM

Re: Will I be able to watch game of thrones

Hi @Cassieburgoon 


If you have upgraded to one of our new packages, it does not take effect until the next billing cycle.


Just to make sure you don't miss out on Game of Thrones, you can add HBO to your current package for $15/mo. Don't worry, you won't pay the full $15. You will only be paying a prorated amount for the number of days you have HBO.


Learn more about the changes to the DIRECTV NOW packages.



The AT&T Community Team

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