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A Tribute to Game of Thrones’ Women

A Tribute to Game of Thrones’ Women

Eight years ago, Game of Thrones debuted to instant buzz. Critics and fans alike were all in to watch these quasi-medieval citizens battle it out for control of Westeros. At the time, most of the big contenders were men and most of the women were expected to keep to their stations and not make trouble. But going into the final season, all that has changed.

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Re: A Tribute to Game of Thrones’ Women

So many women have come to the forefront, with at least three of them able to make a serious bid at control of the Iron Throne and several more ready to have their backs. With that in mind, let's raise a glass of ale to the women of HBO's hit fantasy drama.


Then, join us as we watch Game of Thrones race to its epic conclusion, Sunday nights at 9 on HBO via DIRECTV.



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