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How to know my phone number


How to know my phone number

My parents traveled to Mongolia (Ulán Bator) the last year, and they bought a cellphone. But when they returned (We live in Peru) in the screen of the phone, ask us for the PUK code, but we don't know this PUK code either the phone number. 


I'll travel to France the next year on january,  I need the phone to communicate with my parents. Please I hope you can help me.

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Re: How to know my phone number

Most mobile telephones offer the feature of PIN (PIN) protection. After switching on the phone, if the PIN security function is active, the user is requested to enter a 4-8 digit PIN enabling the phone's non-emergency calling functions. If the wrong PIN is typed in more than three times, either the SIM Card, the device or both become locked. They can be returned to their original unlocked state by entering a PUC, provided by the service operator after verification. If the wrong PUC is entered ten times in a row, the device will become permanently blocked and unrecoverable, requiring a new SIM card. Cellular phone users are therefore advised by most providers to keep their PUC written down in a safe place separate from the device.

The PUC (PUK) is a SIM-specific code assigned by the service provider. It is near-impossible to guess and enter it; thus, if a user does not know his or her PUC and is prompted for it, it should be obtained from the service provider.

Once you enter the PUK code, you must set a pin. The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) and PUK2 are used to unlock the PIN and PIN 2 codes respectively if your SIM card is blocked.




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