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Garage door control


Garage door control

Will the garage door controler work on a detatched garage that is about 30 feet from the house?

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Re: Garage door control

Hello @bigd332


Unfortunately, this cannot be determined without having someone onsite. I've seen instances where it has and has not worked. Honestly, the best way is during the actual installation. However, we can attempt to find out prior during a consultation. Click here to schedule a visit.

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‎06-05-2016 6:50 AM

Re: Garage door control

In case anyone is interested the garage door controler will work on detached garage over 30 feet away from the house.  I don't know why so many people have problems with the garage door controler, it was straight forward install, up and running in 5 minutes.

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Re: Garage door control

It may depend on details.  My garage opener worked for a while, but doesn't now.  More specifically, it will close the door, but when the door is closed, it will not open it again.  About 10 feet from the house.  I guess we're going to try to install a wifi repeater close to the garage next week to see whether that works better.

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